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Millenium Micro
Choix du Consommateur 2014

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que Dantech a reçu le prestigieux prix du Choix du Consommateur 2014 dans la catégorie Détaillant de Fournitures & Equipement Informatique.

«Ce prix du Choix du Consommateur est la plus grande distinction d’excellence en affaires et le plus convoité du Canada.»

Chaque année Le Choix du Consommateur recueille les opinions, les perceptions et les attentes de milliers de consommateurs par un sondage effectué de manière indépendante par la firme Leger Marketing.

Depuis 10 ans, nos priorités sont l’excellence du service à la clientèle et la qualité de nos produits. Nous recevons ce prix comme une médaille et soyez assurés que nous continuerons à vous offrir le meilleur service qui soit. Nous tenons à remercier tous nos clients qui ont témoigné favorablement lors du sondage.

Nous avons préparé un dossier dans lequel vous trouverez l’entrevue donnée le soir du Gala Le Choix du Consommateur, l’affiche qui sera dans le métro en mars et août, une lettre de félicitations signée par Madame Marois (PDF) et Monsieur Harper (PDF) et plein d’autres choses.

Dantech is celebrating its 10th Anniversary
Virtual inside tour

For our 10th Anniversary we prepared a Virtual Tour of our St-Denis location. Enjoy your visit!

Our Two Locations

St-Denis (4828 St-Denis, Montreal, Quebec)

Magasin Dantech St-Denis 1 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 2 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 3 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 4 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 5 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 6 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 7 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 8 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 9 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 10 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 11 Magasin Dantech St-Denis 12

4828 St-Denis
Montreal, Quebec
H2J 2L6

Tel: ► 514 849-2999
Tel: ► 514 849-1784
Fax: ► 514 849-6486
Monday to Wednesday
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Thursday to Friday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Dépôt bancaire
Metro Laurier 1 min walk from Metro Laurier
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Driving instructions with

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Jarry (6755 Jarry est, Montreal, Quebec)

Magasin Dantech Jarry 1 Magasin Dantech Jarry 2 Magasin Dantech Jarry 3 Magasin Dantech Jarry 4 Magasin Dantech Jarry 5 Magasin Dantech Jarry 6 Magasin Dantech Jarry 7

6755 Jarry est
Montreal, Quebec
H1P 1W6

Tel: ► 514 326-2019
Tel: ► 514 326-2672
Monday to Wednesday
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Thursday to Friday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Visa Mastercard Interac Chèque certifié
Dépôt bancaire
Tel: ► 1-888-326-2019
Fax:► 514 326-9752

Autoroute 40 Map with Google Maps (east of Langelier)
Large free parking just in front of the store!

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MACs Customers

We do repair iDevices (iPhone, Ipad, Ipod) at competitive rates.

Tarifs ultra compétitifs.

Dantech joined the Microsoft Refurbisher Program

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Buy a refurbished PC
"If you want to enjoy the benefits of owning a computer that fits within your budget, consider a refurbished computer supplied by one of the Microsoft Refurbisher programs.

Members in these programs take pre-owned computers, refurbish them, and preinstall genuine Microsoft software. You get a cost effective reliable computer solution—plus the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide".

Reasons to buy a used computer:

  • The Price;
  • The Quality (build for companies to last);
  • Good for the Environment;

Come visit our Used Computers section.

Since 2003, Dantech has built a reputation for unbeatable prices and unparalleled service.
Our qualified staff is here to listen to your needs.

News at Dantech Our used desktops are so reliable that we can give our customers a 6 month guarantee on parts and 1 year on labor. All the used computers are Commercial Quality and they are verified, cleaned and tested with professional softwares.


Since the 1st of August there are more products subject to Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) which is called Phase II of the Program. You will find in our EHF section a table with the complete list of items. Note that there is still no EHF applicable on used material.

News – News Since September 2013 you can bring your ink cartridges and toners for recycling. To both our store you simply put them in the basket provided for that matter. recycling bag To pursue our Green Project please note that starting on July 20nd Dantech won’t give any plastic bag. You can either bring your own recycling bag or buy one for 1,50$ the small one and 2.50$ the biggest one. We want to thank all our customers who took time to bring material for recycling. Because of you our planet is greener!

Specials for Easter
SenteyGS 6400-B Gaming Case
Boitier Gamer Sentey
GS 6400-B
129.95$ 99.95$
Logitech K400 (Trackpad Included)
Logitech K400
(Trackpad Inclut)
54.95$ 47.95$
Logitech MK360
Logitech MK360
49.95$ 34.95$
Kingston SSDNow 300 240Go SATA 3 - 2.5"
Kingston SSDNow 300 
240Go SATA 3 - 2.5"
199.00$ 169.95$
Ecouteurs Altec Lansing MZX736 Blue
Ecouteurs Altec Lansing MZX736 Bleu
29.95$ 19.95$
Logitech MK260
Logitech MK260
44.95$ 34.95$
Multimedia Player Archos 43 Vision
Lecteur Multimédia
Archos 43 Vision
119.95$ 99.00$
3.5" Seagate Expansion 1 TO
3.5" Seagate Expansion 1 TO
99.95$ 79.95$
Creative D80
Creative D80
49.95$ 42.95$
Lenovo P830 Headset
Lenovo P830
39.95$ 24.95$
Micro SDHDC Kingston 16 Gb
Micro SDHDC Kingston 16 Go
24.95$ 19.95$
128 CD/DVD TARGUS storage bag
Sacoche de stockage TARGUS 128 CD/DVD
29.95$ 22.95$
Targus 15.6” BTS Incognito Backpack
Targus 15.6” BTS Incognito Backpack
29.95$ 22.95$